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The Successful Innovation of Food Chemicals NewPaper Inc.

February 25, 2020

Quality of life and holistic health can be improved through the development and application of health functional foods. Among all countries of the world, Japanese people are well-known for their longevity and it’s believed that Japan has a long history of using foods with health benefits. In Japan, ‘functional food’ was defined by The Japanese scientific academic community early in the 1980s.

First issue Food Chemical No.01-01

First issue Food Chemical  No.01-01

In Malaysia, health and wellness trends in food products have gained more and more popularity in the past few years with the increased consumer awareness of health- and wellness-consciousness. Due to the modern lifestyle and rapid growth of the fast food outlets, the eating habits of Malaysians have changed a lot and this has indirectly caused harms to people’s health conditions and increased chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. In order to solve the problem, our government has implemented various policies to strengthen the awareness of healthy lifestyle. Hence, the demand of healthy and functional foods begins to grow rapidly

Established in 1964, Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. has been devoted to providing useful and updated information about new food materials and technology. With the issuance of the Food Chemicals Newspaper, the Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. introduces the latest product information of health functional foods in the Japanese market, as well as the price range and the functionality. Being the most specialized media on food additives and food ingredients in Japan, Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. is committed to exploring the current trends and the future innovations in the field of Food Science, Processing and Technology

Besides issuing and publishing major weekly newspapers like Food Chemicals Newspaper and Health Food Journal together with other monthly magazines, such as Food Chemical and Food Style 21. Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. also calls for the potential enterprises in Japan to participate in exhibitions such as Food Ingredients China (FIC), one of the largest global professional trade shows in the field of food additives and ingredients. This trade event is held annually to cover all fields of the food industry. It is a highly industry-cohesive exhibition with plenty of well-known enterprises from many countries and regions in the world.

Food Chemicals Newspaper Press 8/1/1976

Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. also provides assistance to help China enterprises to export their products to Japan with its establish background and respectable reputation in the food industry.

Apart from that, Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. is also the organizer of the ifia JAPAN 2020 – The 25th International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference in Japan which is held annually. It is an international platform for food ingredients and additives industries. This event is Japan’s largest event dedicated solely to the food additives and ingredients industries. Well-established quality of the event and its visitors brings exhibitors back every year and draws in a steadily growing number of new faces. The event focuses products like acidulant, sweeteners, emulsifiers, polysaccharides and thickeners, gelling agents, seasonings, flavouring agents, colouring agents, preservatives and shelf life extender, antioxidants, enzymes, starter Culture biotechnology and many more.

Enterprises in Japan have been longing to expand their collaboration with South East Asian countries. Therefore, Food Chemicals Newspaper Inc. decides to co-ordinate and offer its assistance for enterprises in both Japan and South East Asia to build up a collaborative and successful relationship by introducing and promoting Japan’s cutting edge technology and premium quality products into South East Asia, as well as exporting the raw materials from Malaysia to Japan.

ifiaHFE 2016

In order to facilitate a better understanding of Japan’s food law, regulations, market demand, market price, new products and etc., we plan to translate the important information in Food Chemicals Newspaper into English and Mandarin. These information will be provided to enterprises of various countries that intend to collaborate and have a better understanding of Japan. We hope to become a convenient channel to expedite the collaboration between enterprises of other regions and Japan.

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