Malaysia Truly Asia

September 21, 2018

Malaysia Truly Asia

Malaysia is located in a lush tropical rain forest which is gifted with plenty of natural resources couple with the good climate.Since the ancient times, this is the east-west trade and cultural intersection therefore  create a multi languages and cultures environment for our Malaysian food production and processing industry able to grow large number of savoring delicious and sumptuous foods.

In particular, the progress in processing technology, the expansion of the use of raw materials, but also make the scope of food products become larger, increasing the attractiveness of investment in the food industry.

In addition, the Islamic Halal Food certification label, which has been vigorously promoted by the government in recent years, Malaysia has been widely trusted by the Islamic world as a major supplier of halal food.

According to data from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the production of the food processing sector accounted for 10% of the total manufacturing output in Malaysia, and the processed foods were exported to more than 200 countries and the export volume increased to 20 billion ringgit in 2017 compared to 14.2 billion ringgit in 2013.

Sudu Circle is an exclusive club for food traders, combining a guide and business network, in addition to enriching everyone’s information in the food industry, and owning all loyal members of the online and offline services not only from Malaysia but to the world, from restaurants, chains, stores, distributors, and even their related suppliers.

The vision of  Sudu Circle is to  set up a  global spoon circle and the traders in between the spoon circle are able to connect and in touch of  greater business opportunities together.

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